Hariri chairs meeting of committee preparing Lebanon’s Voluntary National Review of implementation of SDG

NNA – The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri chaired today the first meeting of the committee for the implementation of the Sustainable development goals SDG in accordance with UN standards.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani and a number of director generals of various ministries and government departments, as well as representatives from the private sector and civil society.

The meeting focused on how to follow up the preparations for Lebanon’s first Voluntary National Review of the implementation of the development goals that Lebanon will submit to the United Nations in July.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prime Minister Hariri said: “I wanted to meet with you today to thank you for your efforts and contribution to the preparation of Lebanon’s first Voluntary National Review of the implementation of the sustainable development goals. We are committed to implement these goals.

I want to assure you today that sustainable development is impossible without you all. You, all the director generals and the heads of departments gathered here, are for me and for this project the basis of success. If there is no common effort among all, these goals cannot be achieved. Each one of you has certain specifications and has to make efforts because it is impossible for the project to be achieved by a single person. There is an engine to motivate people to work, and this is a duty for every one of us in his capacity, I from my position and you in your departments.

Therefore, the cooperation between all departments is essential to enable us to reach the sustainable development, which is the basis, and I will follow this issue. There are elections, but they will end and the country will move on, and 2030 is not far. I might return or not as Prime minister, but you are here and you have to complete this effort, because the effort is not for me or for you but for your children and the future of Lebanon and to prove that we can rise up and reach these goals soon.
I reiterate my thanks to you and I have faith that if we leave things to women in Lebanon, we would be able to reach sustainable development in 2020 and not 2030.


We have very important upcoming conferences in Rome, Paris and Brussels, and other conferences we will prepare for in the future. We, as political forces, will conduct these conferences, but the implementation is up to you. We can meet with countries, motivate them and deal with them in their own language, but the main engine of the state is you. You can implement sustainable development and you have great supporters in the Serail: Minister Ghassan Hasbani, the government and me. You have to carry on efforts to build a better future for Lebanon.

You are in the hands of people I trust, like minister Hasbani, Mrs. Hazar Caracalla and each one of you. We will work together to reach sustainable development as we planned and achieve the 2030 Plan as we wanted it and even better.”

Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani explained that the aim of the meeting is to affirm Lebanon’s commitment at the highest levels, starting with the prime minister and all ministries, to the sustainable development goals of 2030.

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