Dr. Hayat El Hariri

Founder & CEO, Dialectic Institution

Dr. Hayat El Hariri is the founder & CEO of Dialectic (a platform that aims at bringing media with the SDGs with an in-depth emphasis on collaboration and innovation), a media instructor at the Lebanese American University (LAU) since Spring 2022 and co-founder of “Beirut Metropolis Foundation” (BMF), an academic institution specialized in political science and international relations. She is a doctoral researcher in History and International Relations from Saint-Joseph University (USJ) and holds a B.A. in Journalism and M.A. in International Affairs from the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut.

Dr. El Hariri is a researcher focusing on media and sustainable development, and media and conflicts in the Arab world. She is an academic lecturer in Media Studies since 2011, editor and co-author of books and articles, and a trainer and lecturer in workshops and conferences. She worked in print journalism from 2006 till 2012 as a part-timer (editor) and freelancer (reporter and researcher) journalist at Assafir newspaper in the local news, investigative reports, and Arabic and international news.