Imad El Hajje

Project Manager, Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon

Imad El Hajje completed his business administration certificate at the London South Bank University in 2002.

For the last 11 years, Imad continuously and exceptionally advocated for childhood cancer at the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) and is a committed officer to corporate social responsibility projects during his work in the Bank. He leads many projects at the CCCL) for 4 years into strengthening ties with international institutions and the world’s largest cancer control organizations. As part of the team for one of the region’s leading reference centers for the treatment and support of kids with cancer without any cost on parents or discrimination, and with dependency on donations, Imad worked hard with multi-stakeholders and outreach programs to educate and eliminate taboos of childhood cancer and HPV related cancers, among other projects.

Mr. El Hajje has always been part of a comprehensive team, which also developed partnerships and high-impact agreements with stakeholders in Lebanon and the region to develop the status of cancer control. He is particularly renowned for his impeccable project management, resonating voice, and positive driver in multi-disciplinary meetings. Mr. Imad attended international and global meetings alongside The Malaysia UICC World Cancer Congress (2018) and the UN high-level interactive meeting in 2018 and the world health assembly 2020, representing CCCL. As a result, of various networking meetings and events, a wide range of prominent contacts and initiatives were established or in the process from fundraising to awareness and policies development projects.