Mr. Rami Bitar

CEO of Tawfeer International Sal

Mr. Rami Bitar is the CEO of Bitar Group which is a 75 years old group that has two headquarters offices: one in Switzerland that serves around eighteen countries in the European Union, and the other in Lebanon that serves Africa and the Middle East. Bitar Group is also considered one of the leading worldwide rice trading companies and its scope of operations includes in addition to international trading the following: Agricultural Farms, Industry, imports, and Distribution. Bitar Group’s subsidiaries in Lebanon are Tawfeer International and Bitar International.

Mr. Bitar holds an EMBA degree from the American University of Beirut, a BS in business Management and Marketing from Lebanese American University, a certificate from INSEAD for successful completion of INSEAD’s General Management Executives’ Program, and a certificate from USEK for successful completion of its executive program “Business Strategies and Performance” with Carlos Ghosn.

In addition to Mr. Bitar’s interest in international trading, he is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and is highly interested in partnering with other UN Global Compact’s partners towards successfully meeting UNGC’s SDGs in relation to fighting hunger, education, and supporting the youth.