Olga El Bitar

Engagement Consultant, Ideanco

Olga El Bitar is leading the effort on Ideanco Academy, a challenge-based-learning platform offering transformative online and hybrid courses to dreamers in the field of climate change, aerospace, food security, human aging, education, and many more. The Academy is part of Ideanco, an idea innovator company for creating opportunities for a better future. With flagship offices in New York, Dubai, Beirut, Paris, London, and Calgary, and representative offices in over 40 cities across the globe, ideanco has over 49,000 talented people, a core part of the transformative crowdsourcing business model of ideanco.

Olga is also the co-founder of a sustainable and healthy sweet dessert named Moreish Sweets, providing state-of-the-art sustainable and healthy sweets for a happier life in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, Olga’s long-term experience within the finance department at Etihad Airways shaped her career and made her a savvy business owner and a leader in her field.